About Us


Hi! We are Chris and Asami Burke, an international couple with a passion for creativity with backgrounds in photography and design. We have lived in Tokyo for many years and believe that we have a unique opportunity to share with you an authentic Japan experience.

We wanted to promote Japan in our own style and creative way.

Japan Travel Planet was launched as a content production and graphic design company.

When looking for gifts that we could send to friends who had visited Japan, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. Then the idea came to us…why not create clothing that reminded people of the feeling of being in Japan?

Then people like yourself could bring the Japan feeling back home…


Maybe you have visited Japan before. Did it feel like you only saw the most popular tourist attractions and somehow experienced the country on just the surface?

It seems like this is a common thing for most people who visit Japan.  Our goal is to help you find the more local and authentic places in Japan to visit. We are excited to share our travel ideas with you and hope we can inspire you to explore all that Japan has to offer. We will continue to produce exciting and interesting content and hope you can join our community of people who love Japan.

For any inquires or questions: