Japan Cherry Blossoms Forecast 2019: Where to see the sakura around Japan?

January 28, 2019

Spring time is almost here and with the warmer temperatures, come the cherry blossoms! It’s an exciting time time of year and when the blossoms are in full bloom it looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

It's important to know that not every location in Japan blooms at the same time.

Every year, the cherry blossoms start blooming in southern Japan and the northern areas of Japan are the last to reach full bloom. A common question that we get is, 

When is the best time to see the cherry blossoms in Japan? 

Firstly, there are many kinds of cherry blossoms but the most common is the Somei Yoshino. These flowers are the ones that you see in abundance along the streets in most cities in Japan during the cherry blossom season.

It can be tricky to time your trip perfectly to match the full bloom for the Somei Yoshino flowers. But, the good news is that even if you miss the peak for the Somei Yoshino, there are many different kinds of cherry blossoms that bloom before and after the most common type. 

Well, we have created a map of 10 cities in Japan and when and where to see the cherry blossoms. If you've visiting Japan this spring, we've got you covered!


We have created this list of must-see spots for a first time visitor to Japan!

Each city has so many cherry blossom spots to see and we do encourage you to explore. That said, these are some of the most beautiful spots across Japan to see the cherry blossoms! 

1) Sapporo 

   - Matsumae Castle in Matsumae Park

   - Goryokaku Tower in Hakodate

2) Niigata

  -  Hakusan Park Open Air Garden

  -  Shinanogawa Yasuragitei Ryokuchi Park

3) Sendai

   - Mikamine Park 

   - Nishi Park

4) Yamanashi

  -  Lake Kawaguchi

  -  Chureito Pagoda - Arakura Sengen Park

5) Tokyo

 - Meguro River  

 - Chidorigafuchi - Kitanomaru Park

6) Kyoto

  -  Kiyomizudera Temple

  -  The Philosopher’s Path (Tetsugaku no michi)

7) Osaka

  - Osaka Castle Park

  - Osaka Mint

8) Himeji

  -  Himeji Castle

  -  Shiromidai Park

9) Hiroshima

   - Hiroshima Castle Park

   - Miyajima Island

10) Fukuoka

  - Nishi Park 

  - Fukuoka Castle


We hope you found this cherry blossom guide to be helpful. The blooming of the cherry blossoms depends on weather conditions and the forecast may be updated later. We recommend checking the forecast just before you go there. Thanks for reading!


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