Best Time Of The Year To Visit Tokyo

October 23, 2017

When is the best time of year to visit Tokyo? While there are many fun things to do year round in this exciting city, the peak times can be rather crowded and during summer it tends to be very hot and humid. We think that some seasons are better than others. So, read our guide to find out more.


Early Spring (March - April)

Cherry blossoms are usually blooming in the beginning of April but this variety of cherry tree at Shinjuku Gyoen was actually fully bloomed in early March.  General Admission is 200 yen. 


Seeing the cherry blossoms illuminated along Meguro River is a magical experience. There are many food stalls and restaurants along the riverside so there are many options to choose from. 


Late Spring (May - June)

Nezu Shrine in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward is famous for it's Bunkyo Azalea Festival or "Tsutsuji Matsuri" that happens in late April.  General Admission to the garden is 200 yen. 


Kameido Tenjin Shrine in Koto Ward is the best spot in Tokyo to see the hanging purple wisteria or "fuji flowers". The Westeria Festival is held from late April until early May. Entry is free.


Summer (June - August)

Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay where you can go on a relaxing bay cruise or visit the symbolic Fuji TV station. It is a fun spot with many restaurants and you can have a full day of entertainment there. 


Takahata Fudo-son Kongo-ji Temple in Hino City is a popular place to see the hydrangeas or "ajisai" that are usually fully bloomed in late June. Entry is free. 


 Autumn (Late November - Early December)

Rikugien is one of Tokyo's most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens and it dates back to the Edo period. General Admission is 300 yen. 


Koishikawa Kōrakuen is a wonderful traditional Japanese garden with artificial hills and ponds that dates back to 1629. General admission is 300 yen.


Winter (December - February)

Keyakizaka Dori Street behind Roppongi Hills are illuminated with powerful 


Keyakizaka Dori Bridge.  The Christmas Illumination goes


Hama Rikyū is a beautiful landscape garden located beside the Sumida River where it enters Tokyo Bay. The garden is known for its “Flower Field” with oilseed rape that begin blooming in February.


Hama Rikyū is also a great spot to see the the Japanese plum trees or "ume" which begin blooming there in early February. General admission is 300 yen. 


More Tips For Planning Your Trip

The rainy season is usually from June to mid-July. Though it may not be the ideal time to visit Tokyo, we prefer it to the very hot and humid month of August. June is the best time to see the hydrangeas in Tokyo and Kamakura. 

It is good to be aware of Japanese holidays, especially Golden Week (from the 29th of April to early May). It is best to avoid traveling to Japan during these times because everywhere is crowded and busy. 

We hope you found this guide to be helpful and enjoy your trip. 


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